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Since 1959, Elward has evolved into one of the predominant suppliers of exterior wall cladding systems. We’ve had extensive design experience with engineering, testing, and furnishing a variety of wall systems ranging from unitized / stick-built curtain walls, to insulated foam panels, to granite wall systems. Today, Elward Systems Corporation is the manufacturer of EVOLV Rainscreen Panel Systems, a custom-designed rainscreen solution, engineered, prefabricated, and ready to install utilizing aluminum composite material (ACM) by Alucobond, Alpolic & Reynobond; fiber cement composite panels by Swisspearl; high-pressure laminate (HPL) by Trespa; metal aluminum plate by Alfrex; and engineered Continuous Insulation Framing Systems (C.I.).

With EVOLV, Elward transforms our supplying partners’ panels into a comprehensive rainscreen system solution, delivering both the reliability and performance that our customers have come to expect and appreciate. We understand the value of a job going smoothly, which is why we’ve been successful in helping our customers overcome the challenges they experience – always running alongside, providing expert support to address the changing variables.

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With EVOLV, Elward produces the highest quality wall systems for several reasons. It starts with our people -- the Elward team is a group of talented individuals who are focused on delivering reliable and efficient products. To ensure success, we partner with the best materials manufacturers in the business; Alucobond, Alpolic, Reynobond, Alfrex, Trespa, and Swisspearl. Our team, partnerships, and extensive product testing process combine to design wall cladding, rainscreens, and other products to push higher industry standards. Architects and builders expect wall cladding panels to look good and perform well - the standard adhered to for Elward's systems.


Creative problem-solving and innovation drive the exterior wall cladding industry. Each project we approach provides us with a unique challenge. Through dedicated research & development, state-of-the-art testing facilities and equipment, and cutting-edge software, Elward designs and fabricates the best rainscreen cladding systems available. Custom solutions are our specialty; using curtain wall ideas combined with rainscreen principles our experience to design wall panel systems made to fit unique architectural features is a passion at Elward. We firmly believe that innovation and creativity drive our industry forward - and it shows in our work.


Architects, contractors, and property owners in need of architectural wall panels desire a simplified, streamlined process in acquiring materials and products needed to complete their job. Elward makes it a reality with excellent service and keen attention to detail. Our EVOLV exterior wall panel systems are designed and engineered to suit the specific job they're needed for - one-size-fits-all solutions are not our focus. At every step of the process, we take the builder's needs and concerns into consideration, ensuring the best final outcome. Elward EVOLV Panel Systems is the perfect solution when your project calls for ACM, Metal Plate, HPL or Fiber Cement panels.


The reputation of Elward was built on the dedication and commitment we have to deliver the best cladding systems possible. Our EVOLV Panel Systems are built on Elward's 60+ years of real-life experience. With extensive system designs through research & development, followed by rigorous testing, we drive the market with our high-performance wall systems featuring unitized curtain wall aspects along with rainscreen system design principles. Our long investment in tooling, technology and equipment used for AAMA and ASTM certified testing, gives us the advantage to research, design and innovate. Dedicated fundamentals start with principals and ideals throughout our entire team. With our dedication and expertise we will help you to a successful project completion.