Marina Business Center

Marina Business Center

This traditional 1980’s office campus located in Marina Del Rey needed revitalization to become contemporary creative office spaces. The original building shapes were given new colors and materials making up the modern facade. The new background cladding was constructed from simple, readily available 4×8 cement panels cut into unique patterns. Each panel was strategically cut to prevent any waste. The natural materials on the exterior were specifically chosen for durability and efficiency during the construction and installation process. Elward’s SRS Rain Screen system was selected for installation.


Los Angeles, California

General Contractor

KPRS Construction
Brea, California

Swisspearl Installer

EDJE Enterprises

Material Description

Swisspearl Largo Vertical Extrusion Exposed, Onyx 7091 Black Opal 7024

Alucobond Mirror,FocusBlack, White, ALZinc